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We have implemented a model of management and energy recovery of livestock waste, based on blockchain technology and geopositioning, combined with a unique circular economy model, reducing GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions on the same farm by more than 60%.

Livestock waste

We take care of the integral management of your livestock waste. 

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First phase

Installation of an additional pond to biologically eliminate, by means of evapotranspiration and nitrogen fixation, together with the covering of the main pond to avoid its emissions and at the same time to recover the biogas extraction, for self-consumption, by incorporating agitation, acidification and sulfhydric pretreatment systems, to adapt the biogas quality to the required technical demands.

Second phase

We will use a liquid-solid separation system with a capacity of 3 m3/h to 10 m3/h, separating the solid phase from the liquid phase for further treatment.

Third phase

Use of biomass to replace the purchase of fossil fuels (gas or diesel), to generate steam and hot water in the decentralized biogas plant, where pig carcasses (SANDACH C2) will be sterilized at 133º, waste will be hydrolyzed at 70º and the digesters will be heated in mesophilic or thermophilic range, according to needs.


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