About us

Bionatur green

Grupo Seroil Energy Express SL, is a family company from Lérida with more than 30 years developing all the areas related to the commercialization and distribution of hydrocarbons.

Seroil Energy Express SL is the current developer of the three trifuel biorefineries under the Waste Biofuel (WBT) brand that it is developing in Catalonia, together with the acquisition of new licenses and the conversion of other existing biogas plants to renewable biomethane for vehicle use under the company Tradea Green Gas SL.



Preserving the environment by generating renewable energy and biofuels commits us to the planet and those who are part of it.


With our technology we can create a sustainable and safer livestock farming for everyone.


Responsibility, commitment, innovation, these are some of the values that define us. We believe that a more sustainable world is possible.

Our Partners?

We work with the main companies in each sector.